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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Wasting film.

My head sometimes complain about the limited 36 exposures in a roll. I think most people who are used to digital, will go like "36 only?? WHATT??! I need atleast 500 shots to get something right". Well, that's actually not necessary, but most people are too used to that, yes including me a while ago. Capturing a million shots to get the perfect one.

But now, after sometime going analogue, I realize that most of the time, 36 exposures is just too much. Sometimes I just want to finish the roll and send it to the photolab already. So I find myself just capturing some random stuff to finish the roll. There was this article which made me think. The article ask the readers "200 shots per roll, would you go for it?". I was like "NO!!". Too many pictures, it will make no difference with using a memory card, you would just throw them away.

Now I feel like the less number of pictures you can capture, the more value each one has. Maybe sometime soon, I should go for 120(medium format), where you can have only about 15 exposures per roll. And although because of the limited number, you wont get the perfect shot, but, after a while you'll realize that, those imperfect shots are the perfect ones. They feel human as opposed to feeling like you pictures has just been taken by a robot. They are more valuable in a lot of way.

p/s: The picture above is a result of me "Wasting film". Some random stuff I shoot just to finish the roll.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

FxOPEN Drift Finals

I used 3 very different films on that day. So that explains the colours. One Redscale, one slide and one B &W. It was a pretty hot day, but it's better than raining. The day was packed full with action and drifting goodness. It was smokin', ...literally.

The final 4 ready to rumble!!

Loyai was looking slick as he moves around the track with Tengku Djan just tailing at the back.

Tengku Djan, always a crowd-pleaser.

It was unfortunate for this car to crash. But it was fortunate that the driver (Along) was not injured. This incident makes the event finals feel more extreme and that is always a good thing.

Ah Fai with his mean machine.

Although it was fierce competition between the contenders, you can see how much fun they were having from the smiles on that day.

Photographers and Drifters getting ready.

The RELA officers were pretty annoying to the photographers, because they would restrict our movement space if we want to get nearer to the track but overall, they did a pretty good job in making sure everyone, even the photographers safe and sound.

CNV000012 (2)
Tengku Djan, everyone's hopeful winner, lost unquestionably to Ah Fai because he had some trouble with his gear change that made his car stopped. So Ah Fai was the man of that day. I think he worked hard and deserved it.

Loyai who finished fourth, signing a fan's shirt.

CNV000027 (2)
Ah Fai deservingly having a session with fans.

And so till next time, keep your drifting spirit intact and see you in upcoming drift events.

FxOPEN Drift Practice Day

It was a Friday afternoon, I packed up my gears in my room just after class. I didn't know what kind of films I should use so I ended up bringing a backpack full of whatever films I had left over.

It was a pretty laid back session. I was impressed when I saw Ah Fai's machine. The graphic finish proved that this guy really put drifting to his passion. But the thing which really impressed me was the driver's corporate attire.

Another impressive looking monster was Loyai's A31. Can't help myself but to take a few pics.

And on the furthest corner, a sleeping fire-breathing dragon, Tengku Djan's S13.5

I think overall the day was good except for some racers who picked up some damages. Most of them are just minor, but some could not continue.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Shutter open


This was shot in my sister's room. I left the shutter open for some time. If you notice, the lamp was covered with a hat. So at that time, the room was actually very dark. I used a cheap Fuji Superia 200. I love using cheap films to experiment low light photography.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

From The Top Of The Dome.


I took this picture just before entering my Mom's car, somewhere around Bangsar a few months ago. I did this manually using B mode, holding the shutter on top of the car. I was just experimenting, but I am quite happy with the result.

Saturday, 26 February 2011


There was one week break during i went lepaking around Kuantan with my "gengs"..Woooo~..& also spent some time with my family..although it was only a week, all i can say is that week was AAWESOME!

There was an offer on films, which i got one pack for i got a bunch of films to dispose..not much on words right now so how bout i just let the pictures do the talking..



CNV000028 (2)



CNV000009 (3)

CNV000038 (3)

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Street Try Out


I did a little bit of Street Photography along the streets of Old Town Nilai. I wasn't really trying to do Street, it just happens that I usually pass by this town to get to the KTM station. Anyone who is familiar with Nilai knows that there's not many places which can be deemed as "interesting" here. So I was trying to capture something which is normal, maybe somewhat boring, look a little bit more interesting. Ultimately, I don't know whether I accomplished this mission, but my article did get chosen for publishing on the lomography website. Well i guess that should be count as something, or at least the beginning of something.

I got the idea of capturing the streets when I saw an old Agfa photolab while i was passing through this town. To those who are unfamiliar with photolabs, this is quite a rare sight. I was hoping that they have some expired agfa films or at least offer a decent rate for developing.

Well, it was too good to be true, there was only some Fuji superias and some kodak consumer films. When I mentioned about Agfa, the lab owner starts ranting on how Agfa got bankrupt. Haha, it was quite funny really.

I shot a lot of the pre-WWII buildings here. When I reached the end of the town, I realized that I don't have any picture of the people here. After all, what makes a place alive and unique are it's people. So on the way back to the bus station, I asked some people along the way (mostly kids) whether i can take their picture. The kids here are quite friendly, and seem more than happy to get their picture taken.

I shot the whole town in one roll. I don't know if its enough.

You rarely hear that Nilai is an interesting place, and there's the fact that students here always complain about how boring this place is. Well at least I see things a bit differently. I don't even think my pictures did enough justice to this town. But at least now, when you type in "Old Town Nilai" on google, my article would be the first after wikimapia.








my short article.

you can see the rest of my pictures on my lomohome or some of them on my flickr.
though my flickr is as messy as it is.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Cameron Highlands


It's been a while since I wrote anything here. Blogging is not something I'm not familiar with. I've been blogging for years now. It's just that it was very hard to talk about different things, so I sort of got this writer's block. I believe it's a fact that when you try to write about random stuff, you get writer's block easier. But now since I'm changing this blog to more photography-oriented, at least I got something consistent to write about.

This post is about my trip to Cameron Highlands last December. It was quite abrupt when my mother told me that she had to go to Cameron for some business trip. Since it was during the December break, I was doing nothing, so I just grab my things & followed.

Prior, I bought a box of Redscale XR films at KLCC. So I have a couple of rolls to experiment with. I gave one roll to my sister so she could try it on her Diana.

I have never seen the sunrise at Cameron before, but somehow, I had this urge to get up early and capture the early morning sun light.


I woke my sister up at 7, and we set out to find a Hill which could overlook the Cameron landscapes. I thought we were late, but actually, we were quite early. You can only see the sun here at about 8.30am.


When the pictures came out, I was quite happy with the results. But I still feel the need for some more experimenting with this film.

Btw. last month they published my short article here on the lomography website.

Thursday, 10 February 2011