Saturday, 16 April 2011

Wasting film.

My head sometimes complain about the limited 36 exposures in a roll. I think most people who are used to digital, will go like "36 only?? WHATT??! I need atleast 500 shots to get something right". Well, that's actually not necessary, but most people are too used to that, yes including me a while ago. Capturing a million shots to get the perfect one.

But now, after sometime going analogue, I realize that most of the time, 36 exposures is just too much. Sometimes I just want to finish the roll and send it to the photolab already. So I find myself just capturing some random stuff to finish the roll. There was this article which made me think. The article ask the readers "200 shots per roll, would you go for it?". I was like "NO!!". Too many pictures, it will make no difference with using a memory card, you would just throw them away.

Now I feel like the less number of pictures you can capture, the more value each one has. Maybe sometime soon, I should go for 120(medium format), where you can have only about 15 exposures per roll. And although because of the limited number, you wont get the perfect shot, but, after a while you'll realize that, those imperfect shots are the perfect ones. They feel human as opposed to feeling like you pictures has just been taken by a robot. They are more valuable in a lot of way.

p/s: The picture above is a result of me "Wasting film". Some random stuff I shoot just to finish the roll.

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