Sunday, 3 April 2011

FxOPEN Drift Practice Day

It was a Friday afternoon, I packed up my gears in my room just after class. I didn't know what kind of films I should use so I ended up bringing a backpack full of whatever films I had left over.

It was a pretty laid back session. I was impressed when I saw Ah Fai's machine. The graphic finish proved that this guy really put drifting to his passion. But the thing which really impressed me was the driver's corporate attire.

Another impressive looking monster was Loyai's A31. Can't help myself but to take a few pics.

And on the furthest corner, a sleeping fire-breathing dragon, Tengku Djan's S13.5

I think overall the day was good except for some racers who picked up some damages. Most of them are just minor, but some could not continue.

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