Sunday, 3 April 2011

FxOPEN Drift Finals

I used 3 very different films on that day. So that explains the colours. One Redscale, one slide and one B &W. It was a pretty hot day, but it's better than raining. The day was packed full with action and drifting goodness. It was smokin', ...literally.

The final 4 ready to rumble!!

Loyai was looking slick as he moves around the track with Tengku Djan just tailing at the back.

Tengku Djan, always a crowd-pleaser.

It was unfortunate for this car to crash. But it was fortunate that the driver (Along) was not injured. This incident makes the event finals feel more extreme and that is always a good thing.

Ah Fai with his mean machine.

Although it was fierce competition between the contenders, you can see how much fun they were having from the smiles on that day.

Photographers and Drifters getting ready.

The RELA officers were pretty annoying to the photographers, because they would restrict our movement space if we want to get nearer to the track but overall, they did a pretty good job in making sure everyone, even the photographers safe and sound.

CNV000012 (2)
Tengku Djan, everyone's hopeful winner, lost unquestionably to Ah Fai because he had some trouble with his gear change that made his car stopped. So Ah Fai was the man of that day. I think he worked hard and deserved it.

Loyai who finished fourth, signing a fan's shirt.

CNV000027 (2)
Ah Fai deservingly having a session with fans.

And so till next time, keep your drifting spirit intact and see you in upcoming drift events.

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