Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Chelsea lost

Chelsea lost to Liverpool at Stamford Bridge.
Well, its nothing much, its just that
the bridge's record of never losing for more than four years has been broken!.. Haha, its going to be a hard time for fans, and will Scolari be able to handle the critics?

Hmmm..I miss those days when Mourinho coached Chelsea, I always looked forward to see them play. He defended 57 no losing record at the bridge. After he left Chelsea, i lost a bit of the football fever and my Chelsea jersey is currently collecting dust in the closet along with my skeleton collection. But still, im looking forward to see if Inter Milan(the current team which Mourinho is coaching) can win the Champions League. Im on your side self-proclaimed Special One! and always have been.

Jose Mourinho.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

See you again, my good Friend.

Last month (September), my very good friend and room mate, Park went back to his home country, Korea Darul Ehsan. His home is near Seoul Bumi Kenyalang. He was my room mate for quite some time. Very friendly, and very funny.

The first time he came here, which is in January, he cant really speak English. So I didnt know how to communicate with him. He can only speak Korean, and I dont know Korean, I know B.M., he dont know B.M..well u get the idea..but he is taking his English foundation, so I assisted him in some of his difficulties..

Daryl playing dota and Park doing something.

Then after 6 months, he improved a lot, and I can converse with him like normal. He even learned some B.M. and also some Indonesian language cause many of his classmates are Indonesians. So sometimes he would go like "Ngaak Lucu!" or "Ayuh! Kita kan teman"..or even "Koktega"(i never understood what it means)..but hearing him speak B.M or Indonesian, its funny, cause most of the time, he could'nt pronounce the words right.

He also learned Bahasa from my Indonesian housemate, Syauqy which just came in June. I also did pick up some Korean Language. So sometimes before sleep i would say "Chia Ja" then he would reply "Selamat Malam"..haha..

We always hang out together. Me, Park, Daryl(housemate from Melaka) and Syauqy. We eat together and sometimes Park and Daryl even followed us Sahur together, at 4.30 am in the freakin morning..well for me and Syauqy, we are use to it, but for them to follow us and eat, thats a very amazing feat.

Daryl, Syauqy and Park.

But now, Park already went back to Korea, due to their National Service or in our terms, Khidmat Negara. But South Korean National Service is far more different than ours. They have to serve for about 2 years, being trained like military, possibility of joining the war, and they cannot give any excuses.

If you want to study, you have two choices, join the army now and study later or go study now and then join the army. These are the two main choices but Park studied for a few months here, suddenly he made up his mind to join the army, then after finished, he will continue his studies again.

Well, whatever it is, i think he made the best choice for himself.

Park, before entering the international departure halls.

Before he went back, i managed to find something for him as a farewell gift. Farewell? i hope its more like a temporary farewell gift, because he planned to come back in two years time. Its a kind of wooden carved portrait of a Wau Bulan. I found it at Central Market(thank u CM!).

The 3 of us escorted Park to KLIA, Park paid for our to-and-fro trip. I told him not to, but he said he already promised before.

In the airport, while waiting for the departure, we bought some drinks and ate some fries at McD. One thing i can never forget was Park's excess luggage costs him around rm700!, haha..thats enough to send Syauqy back to Indonesia..haha..Well, all the best for you Park and hopefully I will see u in two years time! (insyaAllah).

All of us.

(By the way, while I was writing this, the sink in the toilet fell down and broke! due to the leaking pipe and water pressure. It was so loud and water gushes out like a fountain..haha..we have to turn off the main water pipe, so no water for tonight, hopefully tommorow morning somebody will come and fix it. InsyaAllah.)