Friday, 26 December 2008

Rock The What??

Well, my good friend Azri, invited me to go to Rock The World 8 concert last week. It was fun, the setting was big, there was also food stalls and some exhibitions inside the area, so it was not so congested. But i dont want to talk about my experience so much, what I want to do is give a review of the bands performance that day(not in performance order)..Woohooo~

Firstly, I'll start with KOMPLOT,
They released their EP on that day, great band and no other band in Malaysia is like them.
Their performance was good but the sound of the saxophone wasnt that good on that day(dont know why). But Komplot still rocks, well disco rock to be precise.
Wah wah, when the times went on stage, all the ladies went to the front, and so many sang along to their songs, I didnt know their songs was so famous..haha, the only song i knew was "Gadisku Dalam Koma" so I moshed with them during the song..haha(just kidding, no moshing cause its a slow song).Great sound, the best sound control of the evening in my opinion cause they didnt use any heavy distortion.

Well, Estrella made me laugh, cause before Estrella, there was a Rock & Roll band called Zip Zeiller. The rock band rocked like there was no tommorow, but people are all scatered around, but when estrella went on stage, everybody, even the punks and the metalheads went rushing to the front..haha..well i guess fame is everything. Performance wise, awesome, but im not quite sure why they performed in "ROCK" the world. If im not mistaken, they also performed in Global Battle Of The Bands before. haha..well, even if they aren't a rock band, i think Liyana rocks!.

Give me A B! U! N! K! F A C E now!!..the "Bunkface Anthem" still resonates in my mind. Bunkface is getting better everytime. The anthem was a great choice for their opening song especially when everybody screamed the letters one by one!..They also played Highschool Rocker, Situasi and Silly Lilly..superb~. RTW8 should have given them a night slot instead.

Cam biase ar, Radhi mmg energetic..Teringat time diorang perform kat SABS dinner mase form 2 dulu..They are still great..But Radhi(according to him) had a wardrobe problem. So he was Faizal Tahir during the "merDAYka" song..haha..but after the song, the organizer(kot) bagi die coat utk pakai & untuk cover..haha..

They got a night slot, woohoo. I think the organizers knew who they were messing with. People moshed and joshed during their songs. I was in the middle..waaahh..gempak gile semua lompat2 time lagu "Fast Times" & "Kelibat Korupsi". Goo Mooky~ i wished you jump and crowd surf that night..haha

Their English songs were very..well should i say, mosh&jump-friendly..Gempak gile..But many people didnt memorize the lyrics, so most of them just stared at them. The song "Itu Kamu" & "Yang Pernah" were accepted better by the crowd i think.

Along side KOMPLOT, they released their EP/ALBUM on that day. I like TWKUA, but the sound on that day wasnt very good. And when they performed "Bright Lights" I thought everybody was gonna mosh like they did during "Kami The Gig" at Ruums, so I went to the front, but guess what..I dont know why, the crowd was dull..??..But still, the band was good, and my friend bought their album, and he said it is awesome and he didnt regret it at all.

This band played at the opening of the concert, so everyone who attempted to get the free tshirt(first 1000 entry), would have heard them. This band is one of the six winners of the audition. I think they were pretty cool, and the vocal/guitarist looks cun.(from a far atleast) where i was standing.. : )

The Night Performance.

And last but not least, the last performance of the night, the organizers saved the best for last, the main reason why I agreed to go the show, and now Rock The World 8 presents, BUTTERFINGERS!
I quickly went to the front and in the middle of the crowd, wishing to reLIVE the Butters RTW 1 The Chemistry legendary performance. The first song they played was "Joget Global" taken from their Lagu Rakyat(haha) Album (KEMBALI). This song was jumpy.
The second song they played was 1000 tahun (mahu rock). It was great when everybody screamed "KEMBALI!!"..
Continue on, they played Kabus Ribut.(Dont know why people crowd surfed at that time. im a bit puzzled, cause its a slow song~)

And after that, Emmet teasingly go "Na na nana na na na nana na na"(The Chemistry melody)..The crowd roared..Then the band started to play the orchestral intro. Emmet played the acoustic-electric guitar, Loque was in US at that time, so Greg Henderson played in his part, Kadak was on bass, and Loco on drums. And then, the distortion starts, and Emmet starts singging, and people jumped!! and moshed. I was in the middle of the crowd, it was grand.
The "last" song they played was Royal Jelly, man its like killing two birds with on stone(or something like that), this is one of my fav. butters song, so i jumped again!..haha..

Then, when Emmet said goodnight, everyone thought the night was over, but then, the host went infront and asked "Who wants to hear more Butter??"..people screamed and refilling the area infront of the stage..and so they played an encore which they chose the song "Maharani". The song was great, but the best part was when emmet crowd surf!! man, i didnt know bands does this in Malaysia and Emmet was not the skinny Emmet 10 years ago..haha.. I was only a few feet away. What a night!.

Butters performance was an EPIC. tak rugi ar. Next year sape nak gi RTW 9, bagitau aku, kite jumpe disana!.

Finally, Thanks for Reading.

Bands which i did not review.
-Bittersweet.(missed it, had to go somewhere, ayo~)
-Koffin Kanser.(I dont know what to say caused they played the kayu panjang thingy for like half an hour..haha)
-Upon Arrival.(missed it, at that time I was eating nasik lemak at Times Square).
-The Other Side Orchestra.(I think I missed them too.)
-Republic of Brickfields & Pure Vibracion. (Not really a raggae fan.)
-Zip Zieller.(tadi ade ar review sket skali ngan Estrella tu, ok kot)
-Revenge. (Tengah makan Kebab).

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

TaG! your it?

Tag?? aRiff tag aku, aku tak penah agi tag mentag ni, biasenye aku just pass je kalau org tag..tapi this time try je ar. First, im not really sure how this works, die bile org tag je pastu kene copy soalan, pastu bagi jawapan eh..sorry ar kalau silap ke ape..but here goes nothing~

1. The last person to tag you was?
Ariff the drift king~ yang loya bile tawfiq ckap pasal bapuk.

2. Your relationship with him/her?
Good friend, aur dgan tebing, class monitor dgan class harddrive, photographer & photolaugher. haha.

3. Your 5 impressions towards him/her?
i)Sangat berpengetahuan didalam automobiles ngan photography~
ii)Mudah untuk lepak bersama.
iii)Layan many types of music.
iv)Reti camane untuk drift.
v)Penyabar.(ade prob besar ngan kereta ari tu, tapi stay cool~)

4. The most memorable thing she/he has done for you?
ntah ar, byak sgt memorable.

5. The most memorable word that she/he has said to you?

6. If she/he becomes your lover, you...
WHAT THE FISH?!! we are dudes.~

7. If she/he becomes your enemy, you
lumba kereta! (tapi ariff,kau bagi chan ar, kereta aku satria je)..hehe

8. If he/she becomes your lover, he/she has to improve on
I've told you, we are dudes!

9. If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason
You drift infront of my house

10. The most desirable things to do for him/her
I dont know for him, but I know I want to Konvoy Raya agi 2009! with the Mayor Crew.

11. Overall impression towards him/her is
Good friend.(doi!) What else? and yeah, i hope one day, he will get a chance to make and build his own car. Woohooo~

12. How do you think the people around you will feel about him/her?
comfortably awkward??('.')

13. Who is your ideal?
She.(its a certain someone or maybe I just dont know who to write)

14. What do you hate about yourself?

15. For the people who care for you and like you, say something about them?
I hate you. stay away! haha

16. 5 people to tag answer :
kemende pulok ni?

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Chelsea lost

Chelsea lost to Liverpool at Stamford Bridge.
Well, its nothing much, its just that
the bridge's record of never losing for more than four years has been broken!.. Haha, its going to be a hard time for fans, and will Scolari be able to handle the critics?

Hmmm..I miss those days when Mourinho coached Chelsea, I always looked forward to see them play. He defended 57 no losing record at the bridge. After he left Chelsea, i lost a bit of the football fever and my Chelsea jersey is currently collecting dust in the closet along with my skeleton collection. But still, im looking forward to see if Inter Milan(the current team which Mourinho is coaching) can win the Champions League. Im on your side self-proclaimed Special One! and always have been.

Jose Mourinho.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

See you again, my good Friend.

Last month (September), my very good friend and room mate, Park went back to his home country, Korea Darul Ehsan. His home is near Seoul Bumi Kenyalang. He was my room mate for quite some time. Very friendly, and very funny.

The first time he came here, which is in January, he cant really speak English. So I didnt know how to communicate with him. He can only speak Korean, and I dont know Korean, I know B.M., he dont know B.M..well u get the idea..but he is taking his English foundation, so I assisted him in some of his difficulties..

Daryl playing dota and Park doing something.

Then after 6 months, he improved a lot, and I can converse with him like normal. He even learned some B.M. and also some Indonesian language cause many of his classmates are Indonesians. So sometimes he would go like "Ngaak Lucu!" or "Ayuh! Kita kan teman"..or even "Koktega"(i never understood what it means)..but hearing him speak B.M or Indonesian, its funny, cause most of the time, he could'nt pronounce the words right.

He also learned Bahasa from my Indonesian housemate, Syauqy which just came in June. I also did pick up some Korean Language. So sometimes before sleep i would say "Chia Ja" then he would reply "Selamat Malam"..haha..

We always hang out together. Me, Park, Daryl(housemate from Melaka) and Syauqy. We eat together and sometimes Park and Daryl even followed us Sahur together, at 4.30 am in the freakin morning..well for me and Syauqy, we are use to it, but for them to follow us and eat, thats a very amazing feat.

Daryl, Syauqy and Park.

But now, Park already went back to Korea, due to their National Service or in our terms, Khidmat Negara. But South Korean National Service is far more different than ours. They have to serve for about 2 years, being trained like military, possibility of joining the war, and they cannot give any excuses.

If you want to study, you have two choices, join the army now and study later or go study now and then join the army. These are the two main choices but Park studied for a few months here, suddenly he made up his mind to join the army, then after finished, he will continue his studies again.

Well, whatever it is, i think he made the best choice for himself.

Park, before entering the international departure halls.

Before he went back, i managed to find something for him as a farewell gift. Farewell? i hope its more like a temporary farewell gift, because he planned to come back in two years time. Its a kind of wooden carved portrait of a Wau Bulan. I found it at Central Market(thank u CM!).

The 3 of us escorted Park to KLIA, Park paid for our to-and-fro trip. I told him not to, but he said he already promised before.

In the airport, while waiting for the departure, we bought some drinks and ate some fries at McD. One thing i can never forget was Park's excess luggage costs him around rm700!, haha..thats enough to send Syauqy back to Indonesia..haha..Well, all the best for you Park and hopefully I will see u in two years time! (insyaAllah).

All of us.

(By the way, while I was writing this, the sink in the toilet fell down and broke! due to the leaking pipe and water pressure. It was so loud and water gushes out like a fountain..haha..we have to turn off the main water pipe, so no water for tonight, hopefully tommorow morning somebody will come and fix it. InsyaAllah.)

Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Pantun Ramadhan dan Syawal, by M.Sddm.

Bulan Ramadhan hampir selesai,
Aidilfitri pun hampir menjelma,
Jangan lupa sambut beramai,
Ajakku sekali jika mahu pahala. :)

Berjalan kaki ke solat terawikh,
Kawan baik pulang ke Selatan Korea,
Peperiksaan Akhir hanya 3 minggu lebih,
Raya pun tak boleh terlalu bersuka ria.

Baju Melayu dililitkan sampin,
Mercun tak ada polis kata bahaya,
Kepada Semua maaf zahir dan batin,
dan Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya.

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Other side of the "Sejarah" text book

Hello, been busy lately, and last two weeks was my holiday, mungkin korang terfikir(mungkin ar), nape tak update blog time cuti? jawapan aku senang je, ..Cuti! watpe nak update blog??, orang nak rilex have fun dol!..kalau time kat kolej, tension, baru tulis blog, hahahahaha..anyway, thats probably only me..different people, different opinions aite? (no' tok-ing brit-ish now am oi? nay i 'ope)..

Anyways, i found out this thing called "10 tahun sebelum Merdeka", I think I remember seeing it screened at a booth during the Youth 08 convention in PWTC early this year, but i was like, man, Sejarah again?, I just finished my SPM dol, im not gonna stay here and watch this..

But then, just recently, I stumbled upon the website theres a link to youtube, i was doing nothing so, just a peek wouldnt hurt, it was a documentary but, man, the editing and all was good, seriously, not boring..made by a young patriot(maybe age 20+), a sejarah loving person, and a good director..He was one of the winners for the Freedom Film Fest..Seriously, watch this, if u havent seen this before, then this is the Sejarah u probably never seen or heard before..its about the untold story of Malaya.

here's the youtube link --->10tahun

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Another Day

Sehari lagi di campus, blaja..makan..blaja..balik..

smoke free?? ye ke??

Next week Exam so takde mase sangat ar nak post ape2 post..maybe pas minggu depan bleh ar update blog..and maybe I can also show u guys the video we made for I.studies..Ape2 pun, tunggu minggu depan..Chow

Friday, 30 May 2008

A Trip to My Crib

Today, i mean tonight, tak tahu ape nak post, so rase2 nak tunjuk ar sket tmpatku tinggal..(no bilik takley bagi)..haha(for privacy purposes)..( : ^ , )

Ok to start off,
This is the front view of the Condo.
As you all can read by urselves, the sign says "punk-sapu ri Ridzuan"

Now im gonna take u to the lift~...
Alamak, terserempak kucing plak.."meow, tepi sket"..

Okeh skang, kite tunggu lift...lame nye..[sabor bleh tak??]..okeh boss

Beres, dah masuk..skang tekan butang tingkat 2*..Ade tertulis kat lif ni "RST" ..Tu aku tak tahu ape, mungkin "Rahsia Sebenar Tamaraj" atau "Robot Sotong Terhandal"..ntah, aku tak tahu,..hmm....buat ape aku nak ambik tahu??..hahaha..

okey sampai da~..tadaa..takde ar mewah sgt pun..tapi ok gak ar, syukur ade tmpat tinggal, ni dah lebih dari okey dah sbnarnye.
The house,
7 people capacity(now only 5)
2 bathrooms
1 kitchen
3 bed rooms
2 sofas
washing machine included,fridge & microwave
+ others..
This is the kitchen, dan tu aku panggil Milo Malas..sebab ape malas?..sbab Bukak>isi dalam cawan> campur air panas> kacau> beres..

And this is the balcony view~
outside u can see amoi2, haha, takde ar.. kat tingkat 20+ ni tak nmpak ar mende2 camtu, tgk bawah cam kecut2 sket sbab tinggi...tapi yg best, malam2 nampak mata firaun berlampu kat dpan tu..haha, cam gempak je..its the pyramid, more like the food pyramid haha..sbab piramid ni Mummy takda McD ada!..

and this is my room, shot it after i arrived home from class, this is a great room cause it has a big window, and u can see the sunway city view..gambar ni cam lazy sunday morning..aaaah, sedap rilex..(woi! study!)..o snap!

Haha, and this is the TV, for about three months i have to watch 60's TV..dah nak jadi Radhi-O-Ramlee daa..

and now jeng jeng jeng..dah ade skang, leh tgk bicara mufti kul 1.30 pagi in full colour?? (“Programmes like Bicara Mufti can only be seen at 1.30am. Who wants to watch the show at this hour?”Taib Azzamuddin The Star)

And next is my washing machine..this, is the old one, we already got a new one..The old one was like seriously, Old..Mak aku cakap "ni cam Wan punye..." Wan was my grandmother.

Now, autobots! transform!
(dont mind the soap bubbles, ive accidentally put in too much dynamo..sorry optimus!")

So, All and all, this place is okay & fun..Theres a big swimming pool downstairs, Surau ade, tmpat makan banyak, transport senang, taman rekreasi ade kat sebelah...

Dan kalau ade member2 singgah area Pj/Subang Jaya/Sunway, jemput ar datang, bleh lepak2 kat......bawah, minum2 hahaha..

Anyway thanks 4 reading~

Just so that, reading this wont become so empty, I will add an advice from the Prophet

Narrated Sahl:
I heard the Prophet saying, "A (small) place equal to an area occupied by a whip in Paradise is better than the (whole) world and whatever is in it; and an undertaking (journey) in the forenoon or in the afternoon for Allah's Cause, is better than the whole world and whatever is in it." (Sahih Bukhari)

Okey, thats all for now, Later..

-Salam From A Brother-

Finally, The Legacy Continues..Presenting...

Yeah, harini ade sahabat baru kat condo aku,
mempersembahkan kebawah guli yang amat halia,

TMnet Streamyx 2.0 mega + router + kasih sayang + maklumat tidak terbatas

Lepas ni aku leh ar, online banyak sket, study(eheh), chat ngan member & update blog ni..
Haha..Thats All 4 now..

Monday, 14 April 2008

Nama Baru Semangat Baru

Sudah lame aku tak buat post baru..Sebelum ni aku ingat nak berenti blogging sbab "kesibukan" waktu..tapi oleh kerana beberapa "sebab" aku decided utk sambung berblogging..

Nama blog ditukar bukanlah ade sebab2 peribadi atau ape, hanya aku rase nama ni lagi menarik dan "100 batu" ade kene mengena dgan hidup aku..sebab aku berhijrah lebih kurg 100 batu(100 miles) dari rumah aku utk study..

Semoga korg semua layarilah blog ni dari semasa ke semasa jika korang ada masa untk berjasa dan merasa laksa sambil melawan raksasa dengan kuasa yang mengancam manusia(takde kene mengene)..

Layan je la~

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Last Weekend was JUMPING

ari sabtu lepas, mule2 plan nak gi kluar dgan member baikku, Wan, tapi disebabkan sebab2 tertentu, tak mule2 bajet nak gi tgk band2 perform kat gig..mmg lame dah nak gi tgk gig tapi tak jadi2..ari sabtu lepas tak jadi sebab takde geng & juga gig metal je ade..risau meletup je kpale..haha..Jadi, oleh sebab kebosanan, ajak cousin ngan abg gi kuar tgk wayang citer JUMPER kat KLCC..Rm11 kene byar, mahal gak ar..tapi puas ati tgk..

KLCC at night
Jelatek station

Pastu ari ahad malam plak, mak ajak gi makan ngan sdare mare kat satu tempat..tempat die mmg special..kitorg lalu kawasan kubor, lalu kwasan prumahan, pastu tibe2 kat dalam2 ade restoran..mmg cantik..yg special nye name restoran die cam Italian, La Cheteau De Puah(rasenye ar), setting gaya cam Kampung, lagu yg die pasang lagu instrumental Indon, pastu makanan die Uzbekistan..haha..But anyway, the food was great..and the place was very calm and not crowded at all..Here are the pics

a glass of water while waiting for the food

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Yeah, and One more thing

Kucing aku dah dapat anak..dan anak2 die dah bukak mate..take a look~

Wahahaha..takde name agi..ade 3 ekor

yang ni kepala paling besar..hahaha

Ni mereka nyorok blakang daun..haha..

K thats all for now

Sok balek KL

ayo..sok balek KL..Skejap je rase ade kat sini dah kene gi balik..takpe ar, kite bile kene blajar, kene ar blajar..
Hmm..hari ni tak tahu mende nak citer saje nak kongsi ngan korang gambar2 pelik yg aku jumpa kat tandas2 awam..haha.. ENJOY

Ni kat MS garden hotel kuantan..hahahahaha...

Ni aku takleh tahan..kat PWTC..haha..ramai org terkeliru ngan ramai org terkene pancut air kat sluar..haha..serious, ramai kluar dari tandas basah sluar diorg..haha..(aku pun terkene) wahahahha..

K, Till Next Time..CHow

Monday, 28 January 2008

Party with Quiksilver (weekend yg gempak prt 2)

photo taken from Quiksilver

Lepas tgk HUJAN, jumpe sepupu, die ajak gi Quiksilver party kat Sunway ari sabtu(keesokkan hari)..dgr citer ade One Buck Short perform..ape agi..Jadi keesokkan harinye, gi ar Sunway..Tak sempat tgk One Buck Short tapi sempat tgk Pop Shuvit..gempak gak show diorg, lagi2 ar mase lagu Mara Bahaya tu, semua org lompat2 time chorus..diorg main baling pasir ke atas, abis rambut berpasir..haha..tapi seronok ar..

photo taken from Quiksilver (gambar sendiri ade tapi MMC reader tertinggal kat umah)

Mase lagu Mara Bahaya tu, petang, matahari ade agi..dalam gambar ni mase diorg start balik lepas berhenti maghrib, aku kat atas, jauh sket mase ni, baru pas solat maghrib ngan abang..tapi still nampak..semart giler rocking time hujan!

"Weekend yg GemPAK"

Duk kat ngan KL ni macam2 ade, lagi2 ar ujung minggu..ari jumaat lepas, gi duk ngan abg kat UM tgk talent show~..HUJAN ade, org kate poyo layan diorg, tapi tgk diorg wat Live mmg gempak..Energy mmg ade..Energy tu yg penting ( bak kate Y2K)..

gambar diambil dari

Sempat gak beli album 1st diorg, rm10 your local bands..lagu2 bands malaysia skarg da maju & sedap..