Friday, 30 May 2008

A Trip to My Crib

Today, i mean tonight, tak tahu ape nak post, so rase2 nak tunjuk ar sket tmpatku tinggal..(no bilik takley bagi)..haha(for privacy purposes)..( : ^ , )

Ok to start off,
This is the front view of the Condo.
As you all can read by urselves, the sign says "punk-sapu ri Ridzuan"

Now im gonna take u to the lift~...
Alamak, terserempak kucing plak.."meow, tepi sket"..

Okeh skang, kite tunggu lift...lame nye..[sabor bleh tak??]..okeh boss

Beres, dah masuk..skang tekan butang tingkat 2*..Ade tertulis kat lif ni "RST" ..Tu aku tak tahu ape, mungkin "Rahsia Sebenar Tamaraj" atau "Robot Sotong Terhandal"..ntah, aku tak tahu,..hmm....buat ape aku nak ambik tahu??..hahaha..

okey sampai da~..tadaa..takde ar mewah sgt pun..tapi ok gak ar, syukur ade tmpat tinggal, ni dah lebih dari okey dah sbnarnye.
The house,
7 people capacity(now only 5)
2 bathrooms
1 kitchen
3 bed rooms
2 sofas
washing machine included,fridge & microwave
+ others..
This is the kitchen, dan tu aku panggil Milo Malas..sebab ape malas?..sbab Bukak>isi dalam cawan> campur air panas> kacau> beres..

And this is the balcony view~
outside u can see amoi2, haha, takde ar.. kat tingkat 20+ ni tak nmpak ar mende2 camtu, tgk bawah cam kecut2 sket sbab tinggi...tapi yg best, malam2 nampak mata firaun berlampu kat dpan tu..haha, cam gempak je..its the pyramid, more like the food pyramid haha..sbab piramid ni Mummy takda McD ada!..

and this is my room, shot it after i arrived home from class, this is a great room cause it has a big window, and u can see the sunway city view..gambar ni cam lazy sunday morning..aaaah, sedap rilex..(woi! study!)..o snap!

Haha, and this is the TV, for about three months i have to watch 60's TV..dah nak jadi Radhi-O-Ramlee daa..

and now jeng jeng jeng..dah ade skang, leh tgk bicara mufti kul 1.30 pagi in full colour?? (“Programmes like Bicara Mufti can only be seen at 1.30am. Who wants to watch the show at this hour?”Taib Azzamuddin The Star)

And next is my washing machine..this, is the old one, we already got a new one..The old one was like seriously, Old..Mak aku cakap "ni cam Wan punye..." Wan was my grandmother.

Now, autobots! transform!
(dont mind the soap bubbles, ive accidentally put in too much dynamo..sorry optimus!")

So, All and all, this place is okay & fun..Theres a big swimming pool downstairs, Surau ade, tmpat makan banyak, transport senang, taman rekreasi ade kat sebelah...

Dan kalau ade member2 singgah area Pj/Subang Jaya/Sunway, jemput ar datang, bleh lepak2 kat......bawah, minum2 hahaha..

Anyway thanks 4 reading~

Just so that, reading this wont become so empty, I will add an advice from the Prophet

Narrated Sahl:
I heard the Prophet saying, "A (small) place equal to an area occupied by a whip in Paradise is better than the (whole) world and whatever is in it; and an undertaking (journey) in the forenoon or in the afternoon for Allah's Cause, is better than the whole world and whatever is in it." (Sahih Bukhari)

Okey, thats all for now, Later..

-Salam From A Brother-

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Anna Mohamed Amin said...

my washing machine rosak.. haven't wash the clothes for 2 weeks! damn~ kene basuh tgn.. malasnye!!!