Sunday, 14 June 2009

Exam Over Course Over

Dah stahun stengah menderita,
dah melepasi lautan membara,
dah panjat dinding setinggi KLCC,
dah selesai ekspedisi,
dah smpai to the other side,

now what?


Layout Baru

Suddenly, my blog looks cool..or maybe not..
Is my blog easier to read??

Sebab utama aku tukar layout is sebab aku rase black on white is easier to read..aku rase ar..dulu cam white on dark blue..

Ariff cakap kurang wide, tapi susah plak nak tukar2 html2 nye..mungkin kalau aku pinjam wide angle lens die, jadi ok kot..haha

tapi tgk2 balek pun, org2 nye blog pun ,lebih kurang same wide die..mungkin just sbab warne2 & ngan bentuk blog aku, nampak cam kurang wide..

tapi nanti try agi ar..ubah2 sket..eksperimen2 cam Radiohead(tetibe).

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Kongsi File is OK!

Suddenly, i feel file sharing is ok..(?)

"We believe file-sharing by peer-to-peer should be legalised," ..."The sharing of music where it is not for profit is a great thing for culture and music."
-Radiohead's Manager, Brian Message-

"I'm not anti-filesharing at all. This is the modern way... you have to live in the society you created."
-Gary Lightbody, Snow Patrol-

This does make sense..Me too, I did file share a lot, and Im sure everyone who is reading this, did at least once..But the argument and debate is still going..Im not sure if file sharing is ok or not but one thing Im sure is I wont support piracy..Its not fair giving the pirates profit for somebody elses work.

but then again, where should I get games and softwares? I cant afford the oris, nor can I download something which is jigabytes large...hmm??

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Lake Park LOG

Almost finish here in this college. Left only a few days. So, just want to share a bit about one of the experiences here, that is the Lake park.

One of the freakin reasons, I didnt want to move to SS15 which is much nearer to my college was the park next to my hostel. Its not really because the Park is the best park in the world,(mmg tak) its just because the park makes me forget about the congestion of the
congestegationconjuctionwhatthefish of Subang Jaya.

Especially SS15, I feel like I'm in a factory sometimes. A factory with all the smokes and terminators.

ke-Park ayam

I sometimes jog here, just to get rid of this imgainary thing called 'stress',
I want to share about the experiences I had while jogging in the late afternoon.
So now movin on with the Park LOG.

Park Log-begins-

-I always saw this medium-long bearded man, dengan seluar ketat run around the jogging track, he was wearing a comando bag, i bet it was full of heavy things.Maybe he was a soldier,....well, with a beard.

-There are always these three or four old people(different races) sitting on a bench, that looks like the multiracial tv commercials, talking about politics and this and that.

-Ade budak2 main futsal tiap ari. They converted the basketball court to a futsal field(sangat kemelaysia-an). And one of them is also bearded. siap janngut sambung ke sideburn.

-There are live worms on the jogging track in the morning..maybe they are disco worms?

-There are always this one person who jogs the wrong way.( kpd sesiape yg x tahu arah jogging, keep this in mind, it must be anticlockwise if you jog the other way, youre a loser, in the opinion of some people.)

-I sometimes see some of my friends jog too..Riduan, a Pakistani friendly fellow, and Viki, an indonesian fellow, who looks like Fahri in AAC, but this dude hit drums, he can play Lamb of God and his favourite singer is Lisa Ekdahl..weird? maybe..but hes cool.("Saddam kalau butuh drummer, bilang saja sama saya") ur the best, man!

- There are these people who just sit around the track, smoking and doesnt jog, the smoke from the ciggaretes, probably are inhaled by those who jog..these are really sucky people..I think maybe they told their wives that they were going to jog, cos they smoke a lot at home and their wives are pissed off. but instead of jogging, they still smoke. and wait for their body to sweat due to the heat of the cigarette, and then come back home looking sweaty and healthy..this is a crappy assumption, but maybe its true, who knows?

Park Log -over-

*Really want to go home right now, and Im thinking of starting a new hobby when I return...but the thing which limits me is the barrier to entry(mahal gile)

P.S: I also became a fan of Lisa Ekdahl after Viki let me hear some of her songs. (laughs??)

Thursday, 4 June 2009

9 days

9 days left, till I leave this place..woohoo..cant wait to go back to Kuantan!

9 to 5