Thursday, 11 June 2009

Kongsi File is OK!

Suddenly, i feel file sharing is ok..(?)

"We believe file-sharing by peer-to-peer should be legalised," ..."The sharing of music where it is not for profit is a great thing for culture and music."
-Radiohead's Manager, Brian Message-

"I'm not anti-filesharing at all. This is the modern way... you have to live in the society you created."
-Gary Lightbody, Snow Patrol-

This does make sense..Me too, I did file share a lot, and Im sure everyone who is reading this, did at least once..But the argument and debate is still going..Im not sure if file sharing is ok or not but one thing Im sure is I wont support piracy..Its not fair giving the pirates profit for somebody elses work.

but then again, where should I get games and softwares? I cant afford the oris, nor can I download something which is jigabytes large...hmm??

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