Saturday, 30 May 2009

Some random photos.

Bored, so I decided to post this. Just some random photos from my laptop..Enjoy.
art event at central market last year.

a cute hyper-active girl anak toke restoran, jumpe kat ampang.

zaim, tengku & daeng.

Kuantan, Tengku Daeng, 19 tahun, sebelum trajedi.

alif arif & a dude(sorry, lupe nama).

a lecturer, got "pie"-ed in the face for charity.

cat in the hat...I mean shoe that is.

my little sister(right) and her friend. at taman gelora beach.

me, azuwan, and the seven nation army.

haiqal lap muke.

Kucenku, Tiger atau name penuh, Tigerhart Alexandrio Wizard.

Sinclair, the sound engineer and the most rockin drummer.

Ariff, merempit vs impak maksima. hahaha..

syauqy, my indo friend, the background was nice, the pic would be really awesome, if I had a real camera.

syarul reza, of Love Me Butch. PWTC.

Mee Kari kat taman gelora.


Buskers @ TC. (sorang tu keje kat sinar legend jamming studio).

Kaki Arshad.

And there it was, kaki Arshad wraps it up. This was a quick post, jadi, takde mase utk "touch up" the, layan je la ape yg ade..haha..
K chow.


Sunday, 24 May 2009

Sunday, 17 May 2009


The 17th Scudetto is yours

and of course, not to forget England and Spain.