Saturday, 12 July 2008

Other side of the "Sejarah" text book

Hello, been busy lately, and last two weeks was my holiday, mungkin korang terfikir(mungkin ar), nape tak update blog time cuti? jawapan aku senang je, ..Cuti! watpe nak update blog??, orang nak rilex have fun dol!..kalau time kat kolej, tension, baru tulis blog, hahahahaha..anyway, thats probably only me..different people, different opinions aite? (no' tok-ing brit-ish now am oi? nay i 'ope)..

Anyways, i found out this thing called "10 tahun sebelum Merdeka", I think I remember seeing it screened at a booth during the Youth 08 convention in PWTC early this year, but i was like, man, Sejarah again?, I just finished my SPM dol, im not gonna stay here and watch this..

But then, just recently, I stumbled upon the website theres a link to youtube, i was doing nothing so, just a peek wouldnt hurt, it was a documentary but, man, the editing and all was good, seriously, not boring..made by a young patriot(maybe age 20+), a sejarah loving person, and a good director..He was one of the winners for the Freedom Film Fest..Seriously, watch this, if u havent seen this before, then this is the Sejarah u probably never seen or heard before..its about the untold story of Malaya.

here's the youtube link --->10tahun

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