Friday, 26 December 2008

Rock The What??

Well, my good friend Azri, invited me to go to Rock The World 8 concert last week. It was fun, the setting was big, there was also food stalls and some exhibitions inside the area, so it was not so congested. But i dont want to talk about my experience so much, what I want to do is give a review of the bands performance that day(not in performance order)..Woohooo~

Firstly, I'll start with KOMPLOT,
They released their EP on that day, great band and no other band in Malaysia is like them.
Their performance was good but the sound of the saxophone wasnt that good on that day(dont know why). But Komplot still rocks, well disco rock to be precise.
Wah wah, when the times went on stage, all the ladies went to the front, and so many sang along to their songs, I didnt know their songs was so famous..haha, the only song i knew was "Gadisku Dalam Koma" so I moshed with them during the song..haha(just kidding, no moshing cause its a slow song).Great sound, the best sound control of the evening in my opinion cause they didnt use any heavy distortion.

Well, Estrella made me laugh, cause before Estrella, there was a Rock & Roll band called Zip Zeiller. The rock band rocked like there was no tommorow, but people are all scatered around, but when estrella went on stage, everybody, even the punks and the metalheads went rushing to the front..haha..well i guess fame is everything. Performance wise, awesome, but im not quite sure why they performed in "ROCK" the world. If im not mistaken, they also performed in Global Battle Of The Bands before. haha..well, even if they aren't a rock band, i think Liyana rocks!.

Give me A B! U! N! K! F A C E now!!..the "Bunkface Anthem" still resonates in my mind. Bunkface is getting better everytime. The anthem was a great choice for their opening song especially when everybody screamed the letters one by one!..They also played Highschool Rocker, Situasi and Silly Lilly..superb~. RTW8 should have given them a night slot instead.

Cam biase ar, Radhi mmg energetic..Teringat time diorang perform kat SABS dinner mase form 2 dulu..They are still great..But Radhi(according to him) had a wardrobe problem. So he was Faizal Tahir during the "merDAYka" song..haha..but after the song, the organizer(kot) bagi die coat utk pakai & untuk cover..haha..

They got a night slot, woohoo. I think the organizers knew who they were messing with. People moshed and joshed during their songs. I was in the middle..waaahh..gempak gile semua lompat2 time lagu "Fast Times" & "Kelibat Korupsi". Goo Mooky~ i wished you jump and crowd surf that night..haha

Their English songs were very..well should i say, mosh&jump-friendly..Gempak gile..But many people didnt memorize the lyrics, so most of them just stared at them. The song "Itu Kamu" & "Yang Pernah" were accepted better by the crowd i think.

Along side KOMPLOT, they released their EP/ALBUM on that day. I like TWKUA, but the sound on that day wasnt very good. And when they performed "Bright Lights" I thought everybody was gonna mosh like they did during "Kami The Gig" at Ruums, so I went to the front, but guess what..I dont know why, the crowd was dull..??..But still, the band was good, and my friend bought their album, and he said it is awesome and he didnt regret it at all.

This band played at the opening of the concert, so everyone who attempted to get the free tshirt(first 1000 entry), would have heard them. This band is one of the six winners of the audition. I think they were pretty cool, and the vocal/guitarist looks cun.(from a far atleast) where i was standing.. : )

The Night Performance.

And last but not least, the last performance of the night, the organizers saved the best for last, the main reason why I agreed to go the show, and now Rock The World 8 presents, BUTTERFINGERS!
I quickly went to the front and in the middle of the crowd, wishing to reLIVE the Butters RTW 1 The Chemistry legendary performance. The first song they played was "Joget Global" taken from their Lagu Rakyat(haha) Album (KEMBALI). This song was jumpy.
The second song they played was 1000 tahun (mahu rock). It was great when everybody screamed "KEMBALI!!"..
Continue on, they played Kabus Ribut.(Dont know why people crowd surfed at that time. im a bit puzzled, cause its a slow song~)

And after that, Emmet teasingly go "Na na nana na na na nana na na"(The Chemistry melody)..The crowd roared..Then the band started to play the orchestral intro. Emmet played the acoustic-electric guitar, Loque was in US at that time, so Greg Henderson played in his part, Kadak was on bass, and Loco on drums. And then, the distortion starts, and Emmet starts singging, and people jumped!! and moshed. I was in the middle of the crowd, it was grand.
The "last" song they played was Royal Jelly, man its like killing two birds with on stone(or something like that), this is one of my fav. butters song, so i jumped again!..haha..

Then, when Emmet said goodnight, everyone thought the night was over, but then, the host went infront and asked "Who wants to hear more Butter??"..people screamed and refilling the area infront of the stage..and so they played an encore which they chose the song "Maharani". The song was great, but the best part was when emmet crowd surf!! man, i didnt know bands does this in Malaysia and Emmet was not the skinny Emmet 10 years ago..haha.. I was only a few feet away. What a night!.

Butters performance was an EPIC. tak rugi ar. Next year sape nak gi RTW 9, bagitau aku, kite jumpe disana!.

Finally, Thanks for Reading.

Bands which i did not review.
-Bittersweet.(missed it, had to go somewhere, ayo~)
-Koffin Kanser.(I dont know what to say caused they played the kayu panjang thingy for like half an hour..haha)
-Upon Arrival.(missed it, at that time I was eating nasik lemak at Times Square).
-The Other Side Orchestra.(I think I missed them too.)
-Republic of Brickfields & Pure Vibracion. (Not really a raggae fan.)
-Zip Zieller.(tadi ade ar review sket skali ngan Estrella tu, ok kot)
-Revenge. (Tengah makan Kebab).

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