Saturday, 7 March 2009

No time

I don't actually have any free time to blog, but then again....who does?
I'm updating a bit, on some interesting things I've done few weeks before till now.

A few weeks ago, I went to a recording studio at USJ9. Helping Azri with his band, Aerowave, so i recorded the bass part. Its a good thing having your drummer as a Sound Engineer or at least studying as one. We got free studio time, we just had to pay for the instruments we rented. Mixing and all that, Sinclair(drummer) handles them. so Azri and I just had to do our musical part, and the rest is as good as done.

-the drummer-

Im not sure if its going to turn out good, cause its not really a serious recording, its a sort of like "testing", in my opinion at least. I wont be that disappointed if it doesn't turn out as we hoped. This is, after all our first time recording..wont say this is our first time in a studio though, the last studio me and Azri went, we were shoved off "politely". Don't want to elaborate on it, but maybe it was our fault after all..maybe..

-Azri vocals/guitar-

Moving on, the recording process, is actually hard. The metronome timing, the re-recording, the mic setting, the effect adjusting, just to name a few. Me and Azri now understands the musicians hardship, and commitment. We now appreciate music much more. Like for example, you know when sometimes, you dont like a song, and you just shoved it aside. Well, you wont realize what the musicians had to go through just trying to produce that song.

-Ibanez Bass( probably cost a fortune)-

Well, after all that struggle, we "finished" recording that song..I personally think, its not complete though, but maybe it will do for the mean time. I dont think we should release it though, its just like an experiment. But I think I should leave this to Azri, because, well, im just the bassist after all.

Ok, walking on, i went to Ariff's sister's wedding last week. haha..Congrats "Kakak Ariff"!!..the food was great, i went there with Daeng. I called haiqal a thousand times that day because he said he would come along, eventually, I was informed by Haiqal himself, that he was sleeping..haha..probably he got some heavy work the day before. I cant remember the last time Haiqal cant come to school or any other occasions cause he woke up late..hmm..well, saw Alif and Syafiqah(mek tok) there.

I was there only for a brief time, cause I need to follow sending my sis back to Mother Russia only to know that I did not make it in time, thanks to..."Michael Corleone"..but the highway trip was great, nice, bright late afternoon view of the sky..breath taking~
(for the Kakak Ariff's wedding, i dont have any pics, figured, that you should just go to Ariffs blog for that, cause he has a freaking DSLR with brilliant gadgets!)

I think I'll finish the post for now. Thanks for reading
P.S. Dont forget Palestine.

"Upon taking Jerusalem, `Umar demonstrated the utmost respect for members of the other faiths living in the city. For the first time in 500 years since their expulsion from the Holy Land
, Jews were allowed to practice their religion freely and live in the vicinity of Jerusalem. According to the Encyclopaedia Judaica, seventy Jewish families took up residence in the city. `Umar also agreed to several pacts, called the Covenant of Omar, with the local Christian population, determining their rights and obligations under Muslim rule."

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Anna Mohamed Amin said...

[thanks to "Michael Corleone"] LOL~!! ape lah.. kalau nak ikot hantar, patut gi skali ngan mama.. huhuhu... don't worry, mayb next time.. im not going anywhere.. haha.. c u next year! xoxo