Sunday, 8 March 2009

Comic? No, its a Novel, a Graphic Novel.

I've finished reading Watchmen. haven't watched the movie yet, but I heard its awesome. I cant really comment on the graphic novel(comic) cause its a bit weird, and unexplainable. I do like issue 6, cause it tells about Rorschach's insane story. haha cool..or maybe creepy..Alan Moore(the writer) got his own way of telling stories.

From what I can see, the comic book is clearly not for kids. Lots of killing,blood, and explicit contents. But thats all included I think to make the story more real. Its not a typical super hero comic, in fact, all of the super heroes got no super powers, except for one(Dr.Manhattan). My fav. character in the novel, Rorschach, somehow reminds me of V in V for Vendetta. maybe cos they both in a sense, dont care what people think or do, and they will do anything to reach their motives.


V,(V for vendetta)
I'm not really sure about the movie, I dont know if they can live up to the graphic novel. Like Alan Moore said, there are things which he wrote, which can only be portrayed in comic books, not in other medias.

If you think you are too old for comic books, you are certainly not too old for Watchmen. The graphic novel are comprised of 12 issues. Im going to watch the movie on Wednesday(tomorrow), if there are no problems.

Finally, thanks for reading.
I'll finish this with a drawing which I found on the net..haha..guess who is it??

(taken from Odowsun's Blog)
It's our own tanjung rambutan superhero. "Keluangman"!.
Keluangman is the only superhero series which I really followed when I was little. watching the series almost every day after school. I cant believe it is still on TV!!..

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